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If needed, one page easy-to-read dashboards quickly help you see how we are tracking against YOUR KPIs.

Case Studies

We are your partner, with the unique industry experience and knowledge, to successfully help you reach your SALES goals.  Our case studies include:

  • Remote Inside Sales Campaigns
  • Onsite Pharmacy Campaigns
  • Product Launches
  • Appointment / Lead Generation
  • Onsite Inside Sales Campaigns

The Power of the Procall Sales Process

  • Market Reach - Our Sales Representative complete 3 to 5 quality sales calls per hour…resulting in greater than 6,000 to 12,000 new sales leads per year
  • Sales Productivity and Effectiveness - The cost per sales call is lower and the number of orders per sales period is higher. Activity is managed to sell the ‘right’ products to the ‘right’ customers
  • Guaranteed Delivery of the Branded Message - Client-dedicated sales reps are trained to deliver the branded proposition on every call
  • Measurable Results - Call activity, performance metrics, and sales successes are measured in real time
  • Leveraged Market Intelligence - Our CRM system integrates data from multiple sources and helps the client to direct activity to the right markets and right customers

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