Health Care

The proper management and administration of health care is vital to the delivery of effective services to your customers and patients. Passage of the health care reform acts in 2010 brings new opportunities for your business and the promise of better and more complete preventive care for consumers. But the legislation has also generated many new questions about how to navigate the system.

As you encourage your customers to take control of their own health care, give them a valuable advocacy resource to help guide them through the most complex and challenging decisions. Procall and its customer-focused service reps will be there when it matters the most….when your customers need answers.

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Marketing and promoting pharmaceutical products has become a $19 billion industry and executives expect tangible returns on that investment. From new releases to product recalls, your customers have questions and need support as they learn about the benefits and potential side-effects of your products.

Your marketing programs are complex and can have many layers. Using dedicated customer care center partners as a tactical and strategic tool can help transform your most important programs into successful campaigns. Procall’s services can provide the personal touch necessary to earn the confidence and trust of your customers.


With the vast Insurance community in the Philadelphia area, our agents have rich experience in sales and customer care solutions for a broad array of insurance products.  Helping consumers better understand their options and make sound decisions, Procall can educate your target audience and provide a knowledgeable advisor.

The process of selecting the right insurance plans and managing the benefits provided can be a complex and often overwhelming experience for consumers.  Give them the proper resources to navigate that maze and let Procall help deliver peace of mind.


Class Action & Claims Servicing

For more than a decade, Procall has been providing contact management services for large class action litigation cases.  Working closely with the claims administration firms, as well as the settlement trusts, we manage the class support for the entire life cycle of a case, from class registration to payment. 

Easy to navigate IVR information front-ends, backed-up by rich live-agent experiences for further customer care services, ensure that you are maximizing the potential of the case.


Animal Health Care

Many of our clients have a diversified portfolio of veterinarian approved medicines, wound care, pet foods or specialty products for equine, companion animal, bovine or poultry, as well as other animal health pet supply products.   Our goal is to provide a new kind of animal healthcare sales organization – one which is dedicated to providing veterinarians with the latest updates and advancements in pet care products.

Our ability to sell on the behalf of our clients not only depends on the integrity, knowledge, imagination, skill and teamwork with our clients, but in the vet-experienced sales teammates we employ to manage your important brands.  To this end, we strive to create a sales relationship with our database of 60,000+ veterinarians, vet tech and vet specialty clinics so we can sell, inform and update them on products which will have usefulness in their practices.  As part of our ProCall Solutions team, your brands will be giving the highest priority and the dedication you would expect from your own internal teams.

Our Sales Representatives will be responsible for working on your campaign to understand and identify veterinarians, veterinary clinics, shelter facilities, and veterinary customer needs. They will sell your animal healthcare products, support your pull-through efforts, and ensure your company is viewed as bringing value to the animal health community. In addition, our Sales Representatives will demonstrate the highest level of competency and understanding of your products and how to collaborate with your distribution partners. 


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